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Who We Are

Ken has been researching many different fields of human endeavor for over 15 years.  Through his interdisciplinary research he became aware of the many problems in our world today, from social, to political, to scientific, as well as many other aspects. 

When he became aware of the programs that seek to alter our environment in various ways, he decided to create practical solutions that would empower people as they became aware of such things.  This would give them tools to solve the problem as well as help people feel empowered and hopeful, rather than overwhelmed by the world's challenges.

One of the key tools he discovered was Orgonite.  He first began working with the cloud-busters for clearing the environment of "chemtrails" (SAG or stratospheric aerosol Geo-engineering, classified mainly under operation cloverleaf).  He then began working on many other applications for orgonite as his research into its uses progressed, including making orgonite to clear and mitigate the effects of EMFs from the many devices in our heavily technological world.

"My purpose is to help provide you with the energy tools to heal and re-balance your life, and the world we all share together.  Ultimately, the most powerful source of healing and transmutation comes from within each of us.  The tools I share with you are to help you create health and balance while moving along your journey back to realize your innate potential.  Once we are fully awakened and tuned-in to our true nature, we will co-create harmony directly with our consciousness." 

DeeAnn M has an B.A. Degree in Studio Art from U.C. Davis and a Waldorf Teaching Credential. She has been a class teacher of the Waldorf Curriculum for grades 4-8, and has also taught Math, Science, History, Music, Art, Language Arts, Speech, Drama and more. DeeAnn worked for 10 years in the Natural Foods Industry. She has spent many years studying and learning about a wide range of subjects including alternative healing practices, world religions, various spiritual teachers, practices and disciplines, Aikido, herbs and Herbology, Geology and Minerology, Astronomy, Archeology, organic/biodynamic farming and gardening, Ecology, Marine Biology. DeeAnn has always been interested in natural health and healing, both on a personal level, as well as on a global scale for the environment. After meeting and working with Ken Goellner as a professional colleague, she became interested in his work and research on Orgone Energy and Orgone Energy Devices as a way to counteract the negative energy and pollution prevalent in our modern world, and help not only individuals, but also nature and all living things in the environment to thrive. She has been working with Ken on his Orgone Energy Project as a creative consultant helping him organize research information and develop his website, workshops and presentations.


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Why Us?

Ken has a B.S. degree in Physics with a concentration in Mathematics and Environ-mental Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

He has experience in teaching in grammar school and high school, with subjects ranging from mathematics, geometry and physics to art and dance.  He has studied various philosophies and traditions from Anthroposophy to Ancient Egypt's mystery traditions.  He has also been a professional photographer which helps in his work of photographing the results of tests with orgonite devices.

He has been active in movements for positive social change and public speaker in his local community.  He helped to start a philosophy discussion group called The Life Artists Integrated Root Solutions Project.  The Life Artists group's mission statement which he maintains for himself is:

Mission Statement and Goals:

  1. To accumulate interdisciplinary knowledge and wisdom concerning the underlying causes and overt functions of the world and the very reality we live in.


2.  To use this perspective-expanding knowledge to increase quality of life for ourselves and the greater community in the spirit of freedom, compassion and empowerment.


3.  To enhance our experience of life and quality of life by consciously applying our ideas and creating effective solutions to our human problems.


4.  To open ourselves and others to new ideas in order to encourage everyone to seek the cooperative betterment of all.


5.  To know our true selves, our full potential, and the purpose of our life in the flesh and beyond.


6.  To develop mechanisms by which we can detach ourselves from systems and institutions that degrade humanity or our environment in order to support ourselves directly from the sources that sustain all life.


7.  To establish mutually beneficial relationships with people of integrity and those who consciously share a stake in the well-being of all people.

Co-creation, equality, critical thinking and open-mindedness