Orgone Energy Devices

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Quotes (continued...) We placed it on the router and it was as if we had turned down the volume from 10 to 1. The effect was so incredible that we immediately looked at each other and asked if the other had heard the dramatic difference which was apparent in our expressions. It was the most instant effect we've yet experienced with orgonite. Orgonite has shown us time and again how versatile and effective it is, we're thankful to enjoy the many benefits of these amazing "devices". -- Friday 2-28-2014 Quotes
Holly S
Happy Farmer (part 2)

Quotes I have been fortunate enough to have many wonderful experiences with orgonite, all quite amazing. My first introduction was witnessing what a cloud buster can do when it was brought out to the farm. The sky before was formerly streaked with chemtrails and now when there are chemtrails all around in the distance there is clear blue sky above and over the neighbors as well clearing the sky over an area around at least 100 acres. Then we had a young and newly transplanted blackberry bush that was accidentally chopped to the ground with no new growth for weeks after, we put a powered orgonite device next to it and incredibly within two weeks it was a thick bush over a foot tall. We were all stunned to see such massive growth over such a short time when it had seemed completely dead for weeks. Another experience we had was with our wireless router causing our ears to ring when we were in the room with it and we had an aha moment thinking to try the orgonite on it. Quotes
Holly S
Happy Farmer

Quotes Wearing a new orgonite gold leaf pendant has made my aura stronger. When I put it on at home one day, I felt my aura expand and experienced an amazing feeling of strength. Since then I have made an incredible leap of consciousness and am able to make very difficult changes in my life a lot easier. Also, at home, I was feeling a strong current of energy coming from some device and I don't feel it anymore. Not only is it very practical, it is beautiful to wear. Quotes
Psychic Development Counselor

Quotes I wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the two ''workhorse'' orgones ... It helps a lot. As long as it's there I don't even need to use my pocket shields to avoid headaches and hyper sensations. Thanks for taking the time to answer my many questions and best wishes for success in your fascinating work. Quotes
Mary B.

Quotes I am not a scientist and do not need to be one in order to understand the need to protect ourselves from these harmful "invisible" electromagnetic frequencies. (EMF's) They are everywhere! Ever wonder why you don't sleep as well as you used to? Or why you can't remember that word? Our homes are filled with these harmful waves emitted from our televisions, computers and cell phones. even our new "smart meters" are interfering with our bodies ability to function in a wave free zone! I received Ken's orgone and have placed it all over the house and in the car. I make my son keep one in his pocket where he keeps his cell phone. We sleep better knowing we are protected from these "invisible" rays/waves. Oprah said: "Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't can't see the waves bringing this program to your television, can you?" Quotes
Kerry H

Quotes I have several of Ken's Orgone Energy Devices and use them mostly in my garden where I have very happy plants. Part of my success is from using permaculture techniques, but even still I have seen less damage from pests since adding the orgone. It's not that the bugs aren't there, they just do less damage, and there are plenty of other bugs and birds to eat them! It just balances out. Orgone also helps me keep up my stamina and focus at the computer and rest easy at night, so I keep some both in the office and bedroom. I feel so blessed to have access to such a powerful technology that I never have to maintain or upkeep- it does all the work! Start experimenting with orgone and you'll find more and more uses for it. It works EVERYWHERE! Quotes
Adam S
Avid Gardener